Detox is a hand-made, hand-infused, 100% natural skin oil to help resolve many skin problems and concerns including acne, skin congestion, discoloration + scarring. this multi-infused oil is perfect for those who have oily and combination skin, but great for all skin types. acne-safe.



jojoba oil - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic. this ingredient helps sebum control, promotes collagen synthesis and speeds up recovery of skin. 


 clary sage oil - anti-bacterial properties, helps aid in wound + scar healing.


tea tree oil - anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, reduces redness, swelling + inflammation. reduces and prevents acne + acne scarring.


lavender oil - lessens acne, lightens skin discoloration + reduces wrinkles.


ingredients: jojoba oil, tea tree oil, clary sage oil + lavender oil.


  • oily, acne-prone.


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